07 October Monday

IMM Introduces “Golden Spring” Bread for Seniors

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will introduce a special nutritious bread called “Golden Spring”, produced by Halk Ekmek Inc. (People’s Bread Inc.) for senior citizens.

The launching event of “Golden Spring” will be held at the Kayışdağı Nursing Home with the attendance of Istanbul Mayor Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu on Tuesday 8 October at 16:00.

In order to increase the quality of life for the elderly, and to reinforce their daily diet, Halk Ekmek Inc. – a subsidiary company of IMM – will introduce a new bread produced specially for the senior residents of Istanbul. The bread will be produced in two varieties, with grapes and dried tomatoes, and will be rich in protein, calcium, vitamin D3, energy and fiber.

The new product aims to reduce falls caused by muscle loss and the consumption of salt-free breads, and minimize the incidence of bone loss due to calcium and vitamin D deficiency. It also as aims to regulate bowel functions with its fiber-rich ingredients.

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