01 October Tuesday

Mayor İmamoğlu Appeals to Investors in Paris: “IMM Will Become A Transparent and Accountable Institution”

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu met with French business circles in two different meetings in Paris on October 1. Underlining his willingness to cooperate on areas as diverse as environmental investments, tourism and underground transport, İmamoğlu said: “We will transform the IMM into a transparent and accountable institution. With my administration, the IMM will focus on creative industries and sustainable development. I have set out to establish an understanding of governance that treats differences as a treasure. I will do all I can to propagate this understanding all around Turkey.”

Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu held separate meetings with two different economic institutions in Paris, the capital of France. Imamoglu met with top executives of 30 companies operating in different business lines in France at a meeting organized by the French Business Confederation (MEDEF International) in the morning. The first speeches were delivered by Mr. Philippe Gautier, CEO of MEDEF International (French Business Confederation) and Mrs. Agnes Romatet Espagne, Vice President of Task force sustainable city of MEDEF.

Speaking after Gautier and Espagne, İmamoğlu started his words by thanking for the invitation on behalf of the 16 million citizens of Istanbul. “When the citizens’ sense of justice is bruised, cities become fearsome places. People start feeling unhappy, hopeless and even sickly. For this reason, cities must be places where urban justice reigns above all. ”

Mayor İmamoğlu pointed out that with his team, they have laid out a set of goals for his 5-year term. “We will strengthen Istanbul’s potential to be an investment and business-friendly world metropolis. We will transform Istanbul into a center of high technology and creative industries. To achieve these goals, we will always pursue an open, honest and solution-oriented mode of communication with foreign investors,” the Mayor said.

Following his speech, İmamoğlu received a high number of questions by the participants of the meeting.  Answering all of the questions in great detail, İmamoğlu said, “We will make sure that not 1 lira belonging to Istanbul’s 16 million citizens goes to waste. We have started the works for the independent audit of the IMM and its 28 subsidiary companies, by international audit institutions. IMM’s financial reports will become safe and trustworthy.”

The Mayor ended his program for the day with a second meeting in the afternoon, organized by Institut du Bosphore, an independent organization established in 2009 whose central aim is to organize joint political, economic and academic events in France and Turkey.

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