10 September Tuesday

Mayor İmamoğlu Inspects Haliç Shipyard, Cruises the Bosphorus

After his inspection visit to the Haliç Shipyard, Mayor İmamoğlu said: “My colleagues have ideas on whether [the shipyard] could be open to the public, and turned into a platform for production at the same time. I think it sounds great. We will take it into consideration. ”

Following the visit, İmamoğlu took a short tour along the Golden Horn (Haliç), during which he exchanged ideas with his executives on the possible re-arrangements to be introduced along the coast.

During his visit to the Haliç Shipyard, an enterprise administered by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s (IMM) subsidiary company City Lines Inc., Mayor İmamoğlu was accompanied by IMM Secretary General Mr. Yavuz Erkut, and Deputy Secretary Generals of the IMM Mr. Murat Yazıcı, Ms. Yeşim Meltem Şişli, Mr. Mehmet Çakılcıoğlu and Mr. Orhan Demir.

İmamoğlu toured the relevant departments and received administrative and technical information from City Lines Inc.’s General Director Ms. Sinem Serhan Dedetaş.

“As our General Director Ms. Dedetaş has told us, the shipyard was built in 1455 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet and named Tersane-i Amire. The atmosphere here really feeds one’s feelings of historical nostalgia. My colleagues have some ideas about preserving the historical texture of shipyard while also turning it into a center of production. We will make an assessment of its feasibility. I think it sounds good,” the Mayor said.

İmamoğlu’s tour of the Bosphorus and Golden Horn ended at the Harem pier.

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