10 September Tuesday

Mayor İmamoğlu: “We Will Initiate a Revolution in Pre-School Education”

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu launched the “Stationery Set Distribution” event organized jointly by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) at the Yenibosna Emir Sultan Middle School today.

Emphasizing that education is one of their priorities, Mayor İmamoğlu said: “We will initiate a revolution in pre-school education. We will pioneer a major reform in providing pre-school education to hundreds of thousands of children. We will be sharing with you in the following weeks our plans on this matter.”

In response to reporters’ questions on whether he would attend the metropolitan mayors’ event in Ankara organized by President Erdoğan, İmamoğlu said: “Of course. Cooperation is needed in all segments of our country. My attitude has never been against [such cooperation]. I would like to thank him for his invitation.”

During his visit, Mayor İmamoğlu was accompanied by IMM Secretary General Mr. Yavuz Erkut, and the Deputy Secretary Generals of the IMM Mr. Murat Yazıcı, and Ms. Yeşim Meltem Şişli.

While pointing out that IMM is not an authorized institution in education and training, İmamoğlu added: "I know that the Ministry of National Education and the Governorship of Istanbul are working hard for the betterment of education in the city. In the name of working in synchronization, we will propose well-intentioned initiatives to our Governorship and Ministry."

The Mayor emphasized that particular importance would be given to nurseries and daycare centers, and said: "This is an issue that has been long neglected. I am sure that when we increase the number of available nurseries, where mothers will trust us with their children, they will begin to work, and they will contribute to their own family economy."

As he was about to leave the school, Mayor İmamoğlu was asked by a reporter whether he would attend the metropolitan mayors’ event organized by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Ankara. In response, the Mayor said: "Of course. I had earlier made an individual request [to meet with the President] after all. Mr. President is extending this invitation to all metropolitan mayors, I assume it will be a meeting on the issues and problems faced by municipalities. [...] I will, of course, attend it. I am in favour of establishing the maximum level of dialogue in all the levels of the state.

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