08 September Sunday

IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut: “1,247 Vehicles Removed from Service, Some 50 Million TL to be Saved Annually”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Secretary General Mr. Yavuz Erkut showed reporters on Sunday the 730 redundant rental vehicles of the IMM put on display in the Yenikapı parking area. In the statement he made to the press, Mr. Erkut said: “It has been found that the IMM, its affiliates including İETT, İSKİ and its 28 subsidiary companies can save up on 730 vehicles. As of today, a total of 1,247 vehicles have been removed from the system and an estimated 50 million TL will be saved yearly. Within a 5 year period, this saving will reach 250 million TL.”

Mr. Erkut further noted that 517 vehicles were returned to the leasing company from which they were rented between April and June, reducing the overall number of vehicles in service. “After the March 31 elections, a total of 1,247 thousand vehicles were removed from the system, and this number corresponds to 20 percent of the total proportion mentioned. In other words, 1 out of every 5 vehicles used by the IMM and its affiliates has come out of the system completely. The annual rental expenses of the 1,247 vehicles which have been returned are approximately 35,750,000 TL, and the fuel expenses amount to 13,750,000 TL. Thus, a total of 49.5 million TL will be saved annually.Within a 5-year period, the total savings will be 250 million TL,” Mr. Erkut said.

The Secretary General emphasized that the review process was carried out in a very careful and diligent manner, so as not to cause any abuse or infringement of rights. “Yet, the mismatch of the data and records have led to the prolongation of the investigation. There are still areas we are working on. For instance, the IMM and its subsidiaries have a vehicle tracking system. During the investigation, it was found that the tracking system was shut down in 1,700 vehicles, or their data was deleted between between 2-20 June 2019, just before the March 31 elections. While the number of vehicles tracked by the system on June 1 was 2089, the same number on June 23 was 2109. However, the average number of vehicles sending a signal between June 2 and June 20 is 399. The whereabouts of 1,700 vehicles remains unknown between these particular dates. We will continue to examine this matter and the findings will be shared with the public in a transparent manner,” he said.

Following his statement, Yavuz Erkut responded to questions by reporters. In response to a question on whether this was “all a show”, Mr. Erkut said: "This is a period of struggle against squandering. As Mr. Mayor himself has repeatedly stated, we will be able to generate resources as a result of these savings. My view is that far from being a loss, this will be to the benefit of the public, and we will serve the public better with the resources we have saved on.”

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