05 September Thursday

First Statement by Mayor İmamoğlu on Yenikapı Vehicle Display: “This Old-Boy Network Will Come to an End”

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu made his first statement regarding the display of the vehicles rented by the previous Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) administration on Thursday evening. Speaking at the “Gazebo Chats” in Beylikdüzü with Yekta Kopan, the Mayor said: “We will return them. We were unable to locate some of [the vehicles]. We figured out that some of them were disposed of before June 23. It is okay, the important thing is that they are now gone. Comments such as ‘He has put a thousand cars on display, it’s all a show, etc.’ are floating around. You see, one of them says: ‘Never have we received money in cash!’ Seems like this is the new fashion trend. Well, for whom have you used these resources? This old-boy network will come to an end.”

Mayor İmamoğlu was a guest at the “Gazebo Chats” organized as part of the Beylikdüzü District Municipality’s 6th Annual Peace and Love Gatherings. The Mayor answered questions by renowned writer, voice artist and presenter Mr. Yekta Kopan at the event which was themed “Hope and Ekrem İmamoğlu”. The Mayor was met with great interest by the locals of Beylikdüzü, who filled the area reserved for the public.

In response to a question about unemployment, the Mayor gave an example regarding the recent lay-offs at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. He said, “There are some employees who were laid off after I took office. Now they're trying to smear us by saying things like: ‘That’s not fair. There is unemployment, and you left us jobless!’ Look, we have made another promise to ourselves: We'll be fair. I stayed in office for 18 days after the March 31 elections. And I didn't hire a single person within that time period. I had my own team consisting of 40-50 people. Things were unclear, so there was obviously uncertainty. For the sake of being ethical, we waited until the Supreme Election Board (YSK) announced its decision on whether the Istanbul election would be re-run, and I didn't take any action to hire a single employee. On May 6, the YSK annulled the mayoral election in Istanbul, and announced that the elections would be renewed on June 23. Why were so many workers hired between the two dates? Why did they hire them in the first place? This is completely wrong. I promised to be fair and unbiased. I said to everyone, especially to young people, that professional competence would be given priority. Within an ethical process, we will give everyone equal opportunities. Nobody will say, ‘I have no chance in this country within this system, even if I work miracles.’ Every young person will say, ‘If I work hard, I can make it.’ We need to create equal opportunities for everyone in this city.”

Responding to Mr. Kopan’s question on the rental vehicles put on display in the Yenikapı parking area, Mayor İmamoğlu said: “We will return them immediately. We couldn't find some of them. We later realized that they were handed over just before June 23. Friends, please do not be hopeless. We will achieve great things - the world admires us. They admire us because of our faith in democracy.”

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