09 August Friday

Istanbul Mayor Imamoğlu Hosts Newly Appointed Russian Consul General

H.E. Mr. Andrey Buravov, the newly-appointed Consul General of Russia to Istanbul, has paid a congratulatory visit to Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu on August 9. During the visit, Consul General Buravov spoke in Turkish with Mayor İmamoğlu.

The Mayor expressed his gratitude for the visit of Mr. Andrey Buravov and said, “I am honoured to welcome you here today. I am really surprised that you speak Turkish fluently. I would like to thank you for giving us the pleasure of talking with you in Turkish.” 

The visit took place at the municipal building in Istanbul's Saraçhane neighbourhood on Friday. Speaking at the visit, Mr Buravov said, "I am very glad that I was assigned to an official duty in Istanbul. It has been six days since I started working here in Istanbul. I will add that I am no stranger to Turkey. Previously, I had seventeen years of official service in Russian missions in Ankara," and added that he was pleased to continue his service in Istanbul.

Mr. Buravov continued, stating "I believe that we will have a good relationship with you and your colleagues in the Municipality. I hope that these good relations with the IMM will benefit both of our countries. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you sincerely on your recent victory in the local elections held in your country. I would also like to wish you and everyone in Istanbul a happy Kurban Bayramı (the Eid al-Adha)."

Mayor İmamoğlu thanked Mr. Andrey Buravov for his visit and said, “At the beginning of our conversation, I was going to ask you where you learned to speak Turkish so well, and now I've learned that you have been working for 17 years in Turkey. I must say that you speak Turkish very well. I would like to thank you for giving us the pleasure of having our conversation in Turkish.” 

In his conversation with the Consul General, Mayor İmamoğlu emphasised that Istanbul would continue to build strong relations with the world in this new period. “We want a very valuable cooperation with Russia. Russia is one of the states with whom we can develop the fastest and most successful relations, as our historical ties go back several centuries. At the same time, our commercial cooperation has been continuing intensively in the recent period. We would therefore like to start a period of strong cooperation with Russia in all aspects of Istanbul's tourism, trade, culture and arts. I, as the new Mayor, and you, as the new Consul General – let’s make this new period valuable both for Istanbul and Russia,” the Mayor said.

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