04 August Sunday

Mayor Imamoğlu: “City Morale Uplifted”

The Red Bull Flugtag, one of the most entertaining events of aviation history, was organized on the Caddebostan coast of Istanbul with the support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and ended on Aug 4th, 2019.

"Coffee Lovers" team won the first place in the event, where 35 teams competed for trophies and medals.

The Coffee Lovers team included pilot Cetin Gurer, Aysin Aydogdu, Baris Somer, and Umut Ozturk.

The team received their award from Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu at an honors ceremony held at the Caddebostan coast in Istanbul.

Citizens, gathered on the beach and watched the competition from boats, cheered on Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu during his appearance and speech on Sunday.

The mayor delivered a short speech welcoming the people and all participating teams, saying “We, as the IMM, are planning to participate in this competition next year. The city has become more lively with this event. From now on, I am hopeful that the city will become a place of attraction and life.”

La Marzocco has won the Red Bull Flugtag event in Istanbul, Turkey, held on the Caddebostan coast on Sunday, 4 August.

La Marzocco distributors in Turkey teamed up with Mimar Sinan Fine Arts students to create a KB90 straight-in portafilter plane, painted by student Ergin Sume.

Red Bull Flugtug is an event where participants create handmade “planes” and attempt to drive the planes as “human-powered flying machines”. Teams of four jump into the water from a six-meter ramp using the handmade planes in an attempt to have the record airtime before plummeting.

La Marzocco says the event was live-streamed on local channels with over 200,000 viewers. Since the first Red Bull Flugtags held in 1992 in Vienna, more than 150 Red Bull Flugtag events have taken place around the world.

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