16 July Tuesday

BJK President Fikret Orman Pays Congratulatory Visit to Mayor İmamoğlu

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, hosted the Besiktaş football club President Fikret Orman and club management and accepted their congratulations on Tuesday.

The visit took place at the municipal building in Istanbul’s Saraçhane neighborhood during which Fikret Orman told İmamoğlu that he hopes to cooperate with him during his tenure as mayor.

At this congratulatory visit, President Orman presented a BJK jersey to the mayor with "34 Ekrem İmamoğlu" written on its back. In return, Mayor İmamoğlu gifted an album consisting of old photos of Istanbul.

President Orman was welcomed at the grand entrance door of the municipality by the mayor himself. Then, they went to the Mayor’s Office and had a pleasant conversation. During the visit, Mr. Orman presented a BJK jersey to the mayor with "34 Ekrem İmamoğlu" written on its back. The mayor thanked him for the nice present and said, “I have a collection of about 100 jerseys belonging to different teams.”

"Welcome to the office! I would like to thank President Orman and his club management again for coming here to visit us. This city has three big football clubs namely Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, and Besiktas. And these clubs have very modern and big stadiums. This also creates an ideal environment to collaborate and develop projects that would be possible for us. We also want to have a road map in promoting the city's image in the world. In this sense, Besiktas comes as one of the clubs that we would like to cooperate together in the future. We want to work with our football clubs which are priceless assets for their communities. I believe we can achieve this together. We wish our football teams a lot of success in the upcoming season that will begin in a month," the mayor İmamoğlu said.

Orman started his words saying, “The football clubs are the most powerful brands of Istanbul. Especially when BJK comes out onto the pitch in an away game, the team is announced as 'Beşiktaş-Istanbul' in the stadium and the same is true when the names of our opponents are mentioned. Mass sporting events bring people together in huge numbers all over the world. We, as the BJK Sports Club, are also a public interest association. We have no other purpose than to make people smile or be happier. We are ready to cooperate with Mayor İmamoğlu during his tenure as mayor.”

Following the meeting, which lasted about half-an-hour, mayor Imamoglu accompanied his guests to the front door and bid farewell to each of them.

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