09 July Tuesday

Foreign Officials Congratulate Mayor in His Office

Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu hosted foreign visitors on Tuesday and accepted their congratulations.

IMM Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, spent today accepting the congratulatory visits of foreign country representatives. Today’s first visit came from the Netherlands Consul General to Istanbul, Bart Van Bolhuis. Imamoglu greeted Bolhuis at his post entrance.

Mr. Bolhuis, who congratulated Imamoglu on the success of the elections spoke as follows: “I would like to extend the congratulations of the Mayor of Amsterdam. They would like to be in cooperation with you regarding regional economy, as well as smart and environmental city applications. The Municipality of Rotterdam is also eager to cooperate on matters such as adaptation to climate change and city resilience. I would especially like to thank you for attending our National Day reception. We were very honoured.”

Mr. Bolhuis, presented Imamoglu with a print photo taken with the IMM Mayor from the aforementioned reception.

Imamoglu: “We’re Here To Build Strong Relations”
Imamoglu thanked Bolhuis for his visit and said “I am very pleased to receive such warm invitations from these two cities. We are definitely here to develop positive relations. Istanbul will benefit from the relationship between the two countries and our cities as well. I will need some time to honour these invitations. We’ve been through a very busy past 8 months. But I will do my best to organize these favourable visits and gatherings as soon as possible.”
Following the talks, both parties presented each other with various gifts. Bolhuis’ soccer ball gift, autographed by all the Dutch players in the Istanbul teams of the Super League, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas and Basaksehir, created colourful moments. After presenting Imamoglu with the gift, Bolhuis said “The relationship between Turkey and The Netherlands goes back 470 years. There are nearly 400 thousand Turkish citizens living in The Netherlands. There are also quite a few Dutch citizens living in Istanbul. And there are Dutch athletes playing on Turkish teams. I would like to present this small gift on their behalf.”

Norwegian Minister Trine Skei: “It's An Honour to Make Your Acquaintance”
Imamoglu’s second visitor was Norwegian Minister of Culture and Gender Equality, Trine Skei. Imamoglu welcomed her at the entrance of the IMM Headquarters. Skei held a meeting with Imamoglu at his post after signing the honorary ledger of the municipality.

The Norwegian Minister who said “It is an honour to make your acquaintance”, spoke as follows: “I followed your campaign very closely. We watched your success and the way you addressed people with admiration. I am Minister of Culture and Gender Equality in Norway. We present a white book on cultural policies. We know that you also speak of culture and carry out activities based on defining culture as a background for tourism. As a teacher of history, I would like to say that our ties with Istanbul go as far back as a thousand years. Our cultural ties may be closer than we think. I am very pleased to meet you in person; it is an honour.”

Imamoglu: “Your Visit Gives Us Strength”
Imamoglu, who thanked Norwegian Minister Skei for her visit stated the following: “It is very valuable to us that your ministry reflects how much emphasis is given to equality, which is a crucial characteristic for a city, as well as a country. I would like to express that we will also be giving great importance to this value in our city management. Equality will be an indispensable principle in all decisions regarding all matters. Also, culture is, of course, the most valuable symbol of a city, as well as a country. Like you said, as a country whose ties with Norway go back centuries, we would also be very pleased to be in cooperation regarding modern day art and culture. In Istanbul’s future, as a city of 16 million, we find it very important to put on display, in the best way possible, the city’s cultural mosaic. And in terms of global integration, we also want Istanbul to be a city where other countries’ cultural wealth finds place. We know that strengthening these aspects will increase Istanbul’s visitors. And I would like to express that this visit of yours gives us strength. Also, I can already say that given your area of interest, I foresee plenty of work we can do together. I am also very honoured that you followed our campaign and speak of me with praise. Turkey went through very different and interesting times in the past 6 months, and we are very pleased for our city and country, that at the end of the day, it was democracy that won.”

The third visitor to congratulate Imamoglu was the Consul General to Istanbul of the Republic of Belarus, Aleksai Sheved. The day’s other visitors were Michael Werz and Max Hoffman of the Center for American Progress.

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