09 July Tuesday

Children Learn With Fun at IMM's International Summer Scout Camp

The first week of summer camp, full of activities and fun, organized jointly by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and the Scouting Federation of Turkey has gone!

Children, trained in many fields from first aid to communication as well as scouting in the camp program had an unforgettable week of fun, learning and friendship. The children from Istanbul, Turkey and the various cities of the world have been attending the event.

In addition to basic scouting, the children participated in various activities such as archery, swimming, horseback riding, and climbing trees, etc..

The IMM Summer Scout Camp was held Beykoz Urban Forest started on July 1st, with the participation of 600 candidate-scouts between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. Scout candidates marching to the camp-site with Janissary (Mehter) band of IMM’s Orchestras Directorate spent a week full of laughter, fun, and games.

The second period of the Summer Scout Camp started with the farewell of scout-candidates from Fatih Saraçhane and Kadıköy Haydarpaşa districts of the city. The scouts who participated in the camp said that they had made new friends and had a lot of fun, made new friends, developed life skills, became creative and connected with nature during the camp.

While at the camp, children become determined, self-confident and ready to pursue their dreams, standing on their feet, being sensitive to the environment and nature, sharing and communicating.

Children also participate in many artistic and sporting activities such as painting, music, marbling, drama, swimming, cycling and horseback riding, badminton, climbing, shooting, orienteering during the camp period.

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