11 June Tuesday

Istanbul Fire Brigade Saves a Kitten's Life Stuck in Car Engine

The Istanbul Fire Brigade saved a kitten that was stuck in the car’s engine.

The firefighters rescued a kitten that was stuck under the hood of a car.

The squad from Fatih Fire Station was sent to the scene located on Millet Street in Fatih District. As a result of meticulous efforts of the team, a kitten that was stuck in a car’s engine was rescued from the car in a healthy way was released into his natural life.

After the kitten was saved, the car owner and those around said that they were happy to rescue the cat unharmed, they all thanked the IMM Fire Department.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Fire Department does not intervene only in disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, landslide and fires and other fire & rescue-related incidents. It also reaches the rescue of the animals that are in a difficult situation in the most remote places of the city.

In 2018, 17 thousand 682 successful animal rescue operations in the first four months of 2019 were realized by the Fire Department and 3 thousand 900 animals were saved.


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