29 May Wednesday

Social Responsibility Educations from Istanbul Municipality for Over 10K Students in 2018-2019 School Year

In 2018 - 2019 academic year, various trainings were organized in order to support the social responsibility awareness of primary and secondary school students and to help them to grow as caring individuals. 10.245 students from 200 schools have participated in the trainings on disaster awareness, environmental awareness, and stray animals.

Secondary school students attended disaster awareness training organized by Youth and Sports Directorate and Disaster Coordination Center. It was aimed to build awareness in children with the pieces of training on natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, landslide, and avalanches. What to do during and after the disasters were explained in detail. 

Another training organized within the scope of social responsibility activities was the zero waste and recycling course for children to instruct environmental awareness. In the Solid Waste Landfill site, each week, 40 children learned how the waste separation and recycling system works, also the stages after the waste are collected from the environmental engineers in the Waste Management Department. The children found out the damages of the wastes to nature and how long it takes for the plastic or metal wastes to be dissolved, and what happens in case the wastes are not separated and recycled. 

Another training program for children was the care and feeding of street animals. With the motto "Love in My Garden", 160 students of 4, 5 and 6 grades attended the training each week. The training carried out in Kısören and Tepeören Animal Shelters, taught the importance of animal health and care and the steps to be followed in emergency situations. 

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