22 May Wednesday

Istanbul Design Collection Graz Exhibition Opens in Austria

Istanbul Design Collection exhibition shows the products that bring good ideas and designs made in Istanbul or inspired by Istanbul together was opened in Graz, Austria with the support of UNESCO.

The collection, which contains graphics, industrial design, fashion, architectural design and traditional crafts and designs in the craft, features the schematic aspects of the timeless city. The project is also quite important in terms of forming a network of designers who take part in 30 other cities of design in the Network, providing collaboration, and creating opportunities on a global level.

Visitors will experience Turkish design culture with various art and craft elements that are coming from different disciplines of a huge selection of decades. The visitors will also discover İstanbul which is the city of experience and interaction, ecosystem, cultural diversity and some unique pieces from past which may give an answer to “can design count the time?” question.

Inspiration Istanbul is an exhibition presents design works from different disciplines, which originate from or were inspired by the UNESCO City of Design.

Istanbul inspires! Being a metropolis between the Orient and the Occident and a melting pot of manifold influences, the UNESCO City of Design has always provided many links for creative professionals and their work. The complexity of the city also reflects in the various design disciplines that have developed in Istanbul, which are now presented at design forum Steiermark in the “Istanbul Design Collection”. The exhibition showcases work from graphic and industrial design, fashion, architecture, but also traditional handicrafts, hence, a selection of Turkish design culture from several decades, which portrays Istanbul as a city of great cultural diversity and varied facets. You will be able to see a minimalistic bench of stone as well as ornamentally decorated coffee cups, vases or plates displaying simple motifs of daily life at the seaside: water, fish, fruits.

The exhibition ISTANBUL DESIGN COLLECTION from May 11 to 29 2019 and visualize some works from Istanbulian designers.

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