24 April Wednesday

New Theater Play Blue Bird to Be Staged at City Theaters

New Theater Play Blue Bird Meets with the Audience in Üsküdar Musahipzade Celal Playhouse

The City Theaters of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will stage the play, “The Blue Bird”, which was written by Mustafa Kutlu and directed by Özgür Kaymak.

It will meet spectators at Musahipzade Celal Stage in Üsküdar at 8:30 p.m. on 24 April 2019 (today).


It's an exciting road story of a group of travelers crossing their path in the only bus of the town. “The Strange Road Story” shows us the action-familiar scenes of everyday affairs. 

Özgür Kaymak, the director of the play narrates the story as follows:

“Art, which is fed by real-life events comes up with pleasant stories of our own life. When one of these stories of "The Blue Bird" are adapted to the theater episodes and performed, it turns into a "Strange Road Story". When considering the visual adaptation, it reminds us how the art of theater is special for spectators, although it has far more limited than cinema screens."

“The Blue Bird”, of which the dramaturgy is by Hatice Yurtduru, the music by Okan Kaya, the stage design by Rıfkı Demirelli, the costume design by Zuhal Soy, the light design by Osman Aktan, the effect design by Gökhan Balsoy, and the photographs by Enes Altug Avsar can be seen on stage at Musahipzade Celal Stage in Üsküdar between April 24-27 and 2-4 May 2019.

Cast of Characters: Asrın Gurur Kuyucak, Ayşem Yağmur Ulusoy, Begüm Akdoğan Akkaya, Behice Maurer, Besim Demirkıran, Burcu Sarıgül, Cafer Alpsolay, Deniz Akkaya, Efe Ünal, Ercan Demirhan, Hakan Örge, Kamer Karabektaş, Onur Demircan, Salih Salcan, Sibel Topaloğlu, Şevket Avşar, Tarık Köksal, Yiğit Ali Uslu, Yusuf Aytekin, Zeki Yıldırım, Okan Karaca, Caner Bilginer, Alper Siyambaş, Orkun Sarıalioğlu, Özgür Atkın

Enjoy the show...

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