24 April Wednesday

Stray Dog Exposed to Violence Owned by Animal Lover

A stray dog exposed to violence was owned by an animal lover after giving treatment at the IMM’s Tepeören Animal Care Center.

The injured dog was brought to the Animal Care Center by the Tuzla municipal dog squad on April 19, 2019, at 11.30 a.m.

During the examination, it was determined that there were two bleeding scratch mark on the neck and throat. 

Asepsis/antisepsis was performed over the regions and medical care was performed through collaboration with district nurses.

On April 21, 2019, an animal lover was granted ownership of the dog with the commitment to continue the treatment for it.

Animal Care by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 2018

* A total number 13,712 dogs were being sterilized and returned to their own field.

* A total number of 6,946 cats were neutered as well.

* A total number of 32.526 stray animals were identified by attaching microchips.

* 42,460 of animals have been vaccinated against diseases as well.

* 2.314 animals were rehabilitated with osteosynthesis.

* 146,674 animals were examined and treated.

The Tepeören Animal Care Center, which has an area of 922.500-square-meter including an Animal Hospital, Vaccination Services, Treatment Units, Nursing Homes and Garden Life Area.

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