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Park and Ride Car Parks Offer a Solution to Traffic Problems in Istanbul

Every year 3.5 million people use the Park and Ride Car Parks, removing 100 kilometers of traffic from the city of Istanbul every day.

Investment by Istanbul Metropolitan Council in transportation and new car park projects to be implemented throughout Istanbul continues. İSPARK is now managing the modern and technological car parks that have been built by the Istanbul Metropolitan Council. While İSPARK is providing quality and reliable car park service, the number of Park and Ride Car Parks is being increased in order to encourage more people to use public transport.

3.5 Million People use Park and Ride Every Year
3.5 million people park their cars every year in Park and Ride Car Parks, which can be found at major points in the city where there is heavy traffic, as well as near Metro and Metrobus stops, the Marmaray, ferry boat piers and other forms of public transport. Drivers can leave their cars in the car parks, which are a short walking distance from public transport, and thus make their commute quickly and without the stress of traffic. İSPARK works towards encouraging people to use the Park and Ride Car Parks so that they can arrive at their destination as quickly as possible.

100 Kilometers Less Traffic Every Day; 35,000 Kilometers Less Traffic Every Year
Istanbul Metropolitan Council presents the residents of Istanbul with a variety of transportation solutions; the Council has introduced this implementation via İSPARK. Due to this implementation, there is 100 kilometers less traffic in Istanbul every day.

This figure, when the drivers who use these carparks is taken into account, demonstrates that traffic can be reduced by 35,000 kilometers every year, preventing tailbacks and gridlock. 3.5 million drivers leave their vehicles in the car parks; by taking public transport their vehicles do not add to the traffic.

Park and Ride with Metro, Metrobus or Marmaray
Drivers who leave their cars in the Park and Ride Car Parks throughout Istanbul can continue their journey with the Metro, Metrobus, Marmaray, tram, water vehicles or other forms of public transport. A driver who parks in the Ayrılıkçeşme Car Park in Kadiköy can use the Marmaray to go to Yenikapı, and from here can transfer to the airport via the Aksaray metro. Or they can board the Metrobus and arrive in Beylikdüzü without suffering the stress induced by heavy traffic.

2 Hours Free Parking with Park and Fly
With the Park and Fly implementation İSPARK offers reliable and inexpensive parking services for drivers who will continue their journey by plane. The İSPARK Park and Fly Car Parks, located at Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen airports, charge 10 tl for vehicles that are left for 24 hours. In addition to this, drivers who use the carparks while waiting to pick up passengers can leave their vehicles for 2 hours without making any payment.

Transportation to and from the Park and Ride Car Parks, which are located close to the airports in Sabiha Gökçen and Yeşilköy, is provided by a ring service.
There are warning signs and informative signs to prevent drivers waiting to pick up plane passengers from parking on the side of the road; in this way, accidents will be prevented. The drivers are directed towards the car parks, where they can wait for 2 hours.

Park and Ride and Continue with the Driverless Metro
The Haldun Alagaş Multi-Story Car Park, the Ümraniye Multi-Story Car Par, the Ümraniye Santral Open Car Park, the Bağlarbaşı Multi-Story Car Park, the Altunizade Open Car Park, Marmara University School of Theology Car Park, the Üsküdar Council Multi-Story Car Park and the Üsküdar Open Car Park continue to provide services for drivers.

The drivers who leave their vehicles in these car parks, which can hold approximately 2,500 vehicles, can continue their journey with the Metro, traveling between Ümraniye and Üsküdar in 15 minutes, without the stress of traffic. In addition, they can use the Marmaray to travel to Yenikapı or the metro transfer center to use the Kadıköy to Kartal route.

Find the Nearest Car Park with the İSPARK App
It is possible for the Istanbul driver to find İSPARK car parks with navigation that is part of the İSPARK app. It is possible to find the place, capacity, and prices of the car parks.

A Capacity of 14,000 Vehicles at 44 Different Points
The Park and Ride System, that is, low-price car parks located at points near public transportation hubs and stops, has a capacity for 14,000 vehicles at 40 points; generally, these locations are areas of the city that suffer from heavy traffic.

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