23 March Saturday

White Desk introduces New Mobile Apps

White Desk, one of the most used mobile applications of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has introduced new mobile apps to provide more efficient services to Istanbulites. The membership process can be made in a shorter-time with the new version. Details of previous applications can also be seen with it.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Public Relations Department has renewed the mobile “IMM White Desk” application receiving great attention from citizens and made it more useful for the users. The new version of the application, which has made many improvements over previous versions, continues to provide 24/7 continuous, fast and easy access to the services of the IMM.

The Istanbulites can apply for all service areas of IMM with the application, such as transportation, infrastructure, development, health, and social municipality.

The information, opinions, suggestions, and requests received on the new mobile “IMM White Desk”, being offered for the usage of the general public, are processed immediately. Citizens can easily learn about all stages of their application process. With the renewed application, citizens who want to apply to the White Desk can follow up a few simple steps and make a quick membership process.

Those who want to apply to the“IMM White Desk” can follow up a few simple steps and make a quick membership process with the renewed application. Users who are registered to the system with ID Number, First Name, Last Name, Mail information can activate the application by replacing the password that comes with SMS to mobile phones.

After submitting the subject to the message section of the user who wants to make a new application via White Desk application, it is enough to press the OK button. Photos, video or audio recording can also be added to the issues transmitted to the White Desk. For applications that require a location, users can click the "Get Location" button and send the request to the White Desk.

The details of past applications can also be seen in the new mobile application. Citizens can create archive drafts before sending their posts to the White Desk. The draft message with additions, subtractions can be sent to the White Desk at the desired date.

When the “My Applications” tab is selected, the applications and details can be seen.  The distribution of the specified applications on the map can be accessed in the system. Filtering is also possible in the case of multiple applications. The new version does not accept anonymous applications where Name-Lastname information is not shared.

The mobile “IMM White Table” application, launched in 2014 can be downloaded and used free of charge from iOS and Android mobile app markets to smart devices. The application has been downloaded by 92,610 citizens to date.

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