13 March Wednesday

World Smart Cities Congress Istanbul 2019 Begins

World Cities Congress Istanbul’19, hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) on March 13-14-15, set the road map for Smart Cities.

Hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) on March 13-14-15, 2019 at Yenikapi Eurasia Exhibition and Art Centre, World Cities Congress Istanbul’19 brought together the executive representatives and sectoral professionals working on smart city strategies, from all around the world. More than 10 thousand sector professionals participated in World Cities Congress Istanbul’19 this year, where knowledge and experiences on smart city applications were shared with a view to leaving a more liveable world to the future.

“World Intelligent Cities Congress Istanbul 19” organized under the auspices of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) for the fourth time began with a ceremony attended by Mr. Mevlüt Uysal, the current mayor of Istanbul - AK Party mayoral candidate for Büyükçekmece district of Istanbul; Mr. Mustafa Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology; Binali Yildirim; AK Party Istanbul mayoral candidate and a large number of domestic and foreign professionals. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Uysal said, “We, as the local government, care about smart systems in the services we need to offer to people. We aim to raise Istanbul to a city leading to the production and development of intelligent systems. We aim to raise Istanbul to a city that leads to the production and development of intelligent systems.”

Uysal: “Requirements have also changed along with technology”

In his speech at the ceremony, Mayor Uysal emphasized that priorities have changed in daily life with the development of technology. He continued: “The concept we call smart cities is to bring the human mind to the objects and make the systems more functional and practical. Increasing population in city centers brings some problems. For many centuries, it used to be asked such as, where and how to bring water to Istanbul? but now, it is asked as, how can we make this city better in certain subjects such as accessibility, transportation, social activities? Today, communication and technology are developing rapidly. It was unthinkable that the phone that came into our lives about 20 years ago could turn into a mobile system where almost everything is entrusted and loaded.”

Uysal: “We would like to prioritize the production and development of intelligent systems” 

Stating that they attach importance to the development and implementation of intelligent systems, Uysal noted, “While electricity was seen as a luxury in cities 100 years ago, it is a very important loss for a minute without electricity. Twenty years ago, fiber optic cables were considered as comfort, and now the expansion of smart systems, acceleration of wireless infrastructure services, and a vision of becoming a thriving city are among the musts. We, as the local government, we care about smart systems in the services we need to offer to people. We aim to raise Istanbul as a leading city in the production and development of intelligent systems. We believe that in this Congress that will last 3 days, academicians, experts, private and public companies will look for the answer to the question of what can be done in cities within the scope of smart urbanism vision. Technology has a meaning if it serves human beings. If it doesn't serve there is a problem. Here we work to produce technologies that will serve human beings with this understanding.” 

Varank: "We will establish Turkey's first smart cities and mobility application center in Istanbul"

Mr. Varank said that they will invest in Istanbul to produce new generation technologies. The projects and designs related to the smart cities of the future will be discussed and more than 10 thousand professionals will meet in this Congress. The possibilities of technology will be used in the best way in our cities, so, we will open new horizons with smart cities. With the smart city solutions to be implemented in Esenler, we will realize the first smart city and mobility application test center of our country. We will build a city where the latest applications of electrical and autonomous vehicles can be tested in the real environment in Europe. The technology development zone to be established in Esenler will be an economic center in the center of Istanbul where information technology, software, and smart urban technologies are developed and produced. By spreading National Technology moves to raise awareness in the production technology all over Turkey and we want to evaluate the best way the unique potential of our young people” Varank added.

Domestic and foreign distinguished companies to attend a fair

The IMM's subsidiaries such as İSBAK, İSTAÇ, İSPARK, BELBİM, İSTTELKOM, BİMTAŞ, ENERJİ Co., İSTON, İGDAŞ, METRO ISTANBUL, UGETAM and MEDIA Co.,  and İETT, İSKİ and the stands of the relevant departments will be present at the fair. Many local and foreign distinguished companies and public companies working in the field of smart city systems are waiting for their visitors at the fair.

“On World Cities Congress 2019”

Within the framework of the congress, which is going to be held at Yenikapı Eurasia Exhibition and Arts Center, many events and 9 panels will be held.

For three days, leading technology companies from various countries and cities and experts will give information on how smart cities will shape their own future in events which are going to be attended by around 100 speakers.

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