08 March Friday

Istanbul's first official digital tourism Project “Visit Istanbul” is online!..

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Tourism Directorate has launched the Visit Istanbul project in order to promote Istanbul and its values using digital platforms internationally.

The first promotion film "Meet With History Of Your Dream City" for “Visit Istanbul” project, was published on digital platforms. The project also draws attention as promotion and tourism model.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture, Directorate of Tourism, started a new digital tourism project under the name of "Visit Istanbul" to more effectively promote to Istanbul. The project aims to introduce the value of Istanbul in the international area by using digital platforms. In this context, the target countries were identified in order to develop communication strategies. First of all, the target countries that have been studied travel habits extensively are USA, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Gulf Countries, India, and China. In order to increase the brand value of Istanbul, tourism-oriented strategies will be developed and implemented within a year with these determined countries. 

“Visit Istanbul” project also aims to create an instant and up-to-date archive of important points in Istanbul.

Today's communication tools such as Web, mobile application and social media are used in order to make "Visit Istanbul" effective and accessible.

Travel Phenomenon Will be Hosted in Istanbul

At the end of March, the world-renowned travel phenomenon will be hosted in Istanbul throughout 5 days for promotional and image campaigns. The phenomenon will share their sharing with the #feelingistanbul hashtag. With the same hashtags, it is planned to organize award-winning competitions among the followers who have open accounts.

4 Names of Fashion Met in Istanbul
Istanbul themed shootings will be held with the world famous names who have a positive impression on the masses for the promotion campaign. In this context, four social media fashion phenomenon met in Istanbul at the end of February. Laura Comolli from Italy, Barbora Ondrackova from the Czech Republic, Michele Krusi from Switzerland and Simla Canpolat from our country; They made a magnificent tour of Istanbul for 3 days and shared it with their followers.

The First Introductory Film in The Social Media With the Theme of “History”

The first promotional film of the Visit Istanbul project, "Meet With History Of Your Dream City" was published simultaneously from the YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts of the project. The promotional film featuring the colorful and magnificent images of Istanbul has received great interest in social media. It is supported by original music, the monumental historical sites of Istanbul are shown.

After the history-themed film; ”Gastronomy Istanbul" which is about the tastes of Istanbul, "Istanbul is The Heart of Art and Culture" which is about the cultural and artistic life, and "Rising Star of the World of Business and Investment" which is about the business world will be shared on the digital platforms for promotion.


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