10 March Sunday

IMM provided vet services to nearly 140,000 Istanbul strays last year

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has extended a caring hand for stray animals living across Istanbul; within the last year it provided 139, 910 stray animals with free veterinary services, while 32,435 stray animals were registered via its microchip program.

As part of the stray animal adoption program, 821 animals were adopted into loving homes. Over the last year, 149 tons of dry pet food with high nutritional value were also distributed via 199 different feeding stations for stray animals, who may find it hard to find food in the winter.

Alongside the six veterinary hospitals across different locations across the city, mobile veterinary vehicles such as "Vetbüs" and "Vetkabin" are also available to address the needs of the stray animals of Istanbul.

Treatment With Mobile Ver Vehicles

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Neighborhoods and Agriculture Veterinary Services Directorate provides free veterinary services for stray animals with six different veterinary hospitals distributed across Istanbul. Some 384 personnel, 79 of which are veterinarians, are employed by the Directorate, which operates the two largest stray animal hospitals in the world. Some of the services provided for stray animals are vaccinations, neutering, treatment, care, microchips, and adoptions. Moreover, services such as emergency treatment, transportation, and on-location treatment are provided with the following vehicles: One Vetbüs, one Vetkabin, one Motovet, one Farm Animal Transportation Vehicle and 29 Animal Transportation Vehicles.

821 Animals Adopted Into Loving Homes 

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary Services Directorate has provided diagnosis, treatment and care services to 139,910 stray animals within the last year with its veterinary hospital and mobile vehicles. Some 20,108 animals were neutered, 40,945 were vaccinated, 32, 435 were registered with microchips and 821 animals were adopted after completing their treatments, while 13,169 primary school students were given classes to encourage the development of compassion and awareness for stray animals at an early age.

Vetbüs Taking Care of Stray Animals Street by Street 

The Vetbüs, which provides on-location mobile clinic services for stray animals, began its operations in 2018. It was deployed 126 times across 39 districts. As of now, it has provided services to 1,709 animals, with 1,479 vaccinations, 171 treatments, 28 adoptions, and 31 microchip implants. Vetkabin, which began its operations in 2016 and is similar to the Vetbüs aims to provide on-location mobile clinic services to stray animals, was deployed 115 times across 39 districts. Vetkabin has provided services to 2,185 stray animals, with 1,784 vaccinations, 274 treatments, 12 adoptions, and 115 microchip implants.

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