06 February Wednesday

Photography training started for “Colors of Turkey and Identities of Istanbul”

Photography training titled “Colors of Turkey and Identities of Istanbul” Project organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and supported by the EU Center for Education and Youth Programs has started in Istanbul. Young people involved in the project took photographs as part of their practical training in the historical peninsula, Çatalca Ormanlı Village and Kemerburgaz Kurtkemeri region as well as theoretical photography lessons.

"Colors of Turkey - Identities of Istanbul Project" was implemented for young people who are socio-economically disadvantaged due to poverty, loss of family and fleeing. The project has been prepared for the purpose of preserving and sustaining the cultural diversity which is an important aspect of the identity of being Istanbulities by enabling young people to meet with their cultural identities and it was supported by EU Center for Education and Youth Programs.

The project was prepared by the IMM and Istanbul Governorship, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Sorgun Youth Association, and Gençbirder became partners and Turkish Airlines also became the sponsor of the project.

The project, which brings together young people from different local cultures, recognizes each other's cultural heritage, respects differences and creates awareness about being tolerant individuals and it will contribute to the establishment of intergenerational dialogue in youth work.

A total of 120 hours of photography training is organized in the first stage of the project. The young people from Eastern Anatolia and Central Anatolia of Turkey are participating in the training in the first place. As part of the project which has 84 participants including volunteers, will also include practical photography lessons for young people in addition to the theoretical lessons in the classroom.

Students who complete the theory courses are practicing in Gülhane Park and Süleymaniye district of Istanbul. Young people participating in the project also apply different techniques for photography education such as landscape and portrait shooting by going to the Ormanlı Village of Çatalca and Kemerburgaz Kurtkemeri regions.

After the field work, young people will have the opportunity to photograph their discoveries and experiences about their cultures by going to their regions. The first trip route of the project will cover the Eastern Anatolia Region to be held between 8 and 14 February, 2019. During the field visits, 15 people will see Kars city center and Ani Ruins. They will explore the cultural mosaics of the region by joining the Çıldır Lake Festival. At the end of the project, covering all regions of Turkey will open an exhibition of photographs taken by young people.

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