30 January Wednesday

EMITT Exhibition Starts with the Support of IMM

The 23rd East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition will be opened at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul tomorrow. It is to be held between Jan. 31st – Feb. 3rd, 2019.

One of the top four tourism exhibitions in the world, East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition – EMITT is set to bring together international tourism professionals and holiday consumers for the 23rd time in Istanbul between January 31 - February 3, 2019. EMITT, which achieved 55% growth in terms of the number of exhibitors in 2018, continues to make a significant contribution to the national economy in the growing tourism industry.

East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition – EMITT which is organized by EUF – E Uluslararası Fuarcılık operating under ITE Turkey, will be held between the dates of January 31- February 3, 2019 in TUYAP Fair, Convention, and Congress Center

EMITT – East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition, along with preparing to host a record-high number of international visitors, continues to lead the industry by creating value for all participants and preparing the ground for beneficial contents and collaborations. This year, over 700 invited tour operators from more than 100 countries including Asia, Europe, Far East, and Latin America will be hosted with the Hosted Buyer (invited tour operator) program organized each year in cooperation with Travel Shop Turkey.

The participation to the exhibition, which will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, T.R. Istanbul Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality of İstanbul as well as the corporate sponsorship of Turkish Airlines along with the support of KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization) and business partnership of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation and Turkish Tourism Investors Association, from all over the world continues rapidly.

Product Groups:
• Accommodation
• Travel services
• Health and Spa tourism
• Transportation
• IT and Software
• Organization services
• National Advertising Organisations and Companies and NGOs
• International Advertising Organisations and companies
• Amusement tourism
• Hotel equipment
• Finance, Insurance, and Auditing services
• Media
• Other tourism activities

EMITT continues to contribute to tourism with 55% growth

Stating that there is a parallelism between the national tourism and EMITT, ITE Turkey Tourism & Travel & Fashion Group Director Hacer Aydın said, “We had the opportunity to clearly see the relationship between the growth in the national tourism and EMITT once again in January 2018. In the EMITT organized for the 22nd time in January 2018, we achieved phenomenal success by hosting 1,065 exhibitors from 85 countries and 54,364 visitors in EMITT. The mobility observed in the tourism sector in 2017 manifested itself also in EMITT and we recorded 55% growth in terms of the number of exhibitors in our last exhibition. This growth was a precursor of a rapid rise in the tourism sector in 2018 and we witnessed that the sector has achieved a rapid growth.”

Striking topics and everything related to the tourism industry will be discussed in Emitt 2019!

During the four-day event, different topics will be discussed by the leading names coming from different industries.

The topics including tourism road map, tourism economy, steps to be taken in order to achieve a permanent recovery in tourism industry, estimations and explanations regarding the future of the tourism industry will be addressed by Journalist, Broadcaster, Economics Commentator Emin Çapa, Board Chairman of TÜRSAB Firuz Bağlıkaya, Board Chairman of TÜROFED Osman Ayık, President of TTYD (Turkish Tourism Investors Association) Oya Narin, President of SKAL Ata Eremsoy, Futurist, Economist, the President of Digital Agency Ufuk Tarhan, and the President of Gastronomy Tourism Association Gürkan Boztepe.

The topic of digitalization, which remains at the top of the agenda of the tourism industry, draws the close attention of all sales and marketing professionals. The names that will address these issues include Futurist Hotelier Cem Kınay, President of Travel Tech Global Ferda Kertmelioğlu, Founder and General Manager of Neredekal.com Özkan Hacıoğlu, CEO of Enuygun Çağlar Erol, General Manager of tatilsepeti Koray Küçükyılmaz, Co-founder of HotelRunner Arden Agopyan, Sales Manager of Travel Audience Europe Arnaud Valion, Emirates Airlines Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria Regional Manager Bahar Ahmet Birinci.

Chinese tourists have influenced the whole world. After the introduction of giant Chinese market which is made up of millions of tourists with a keynote speech which will be given by Dr. Marcus Lee, the President of the Association of SME Business Owners (ICIF), Principal of Destination Dr. Consulting Edward Dramberger will conduct a workshop on how to get in contact with buyers and how to close sales in order to be effective in this market.

The influencers whose tweets, a few second videos or text posts are powerful enough to mobilize millions of people will also meet the visitors at the EMITT Conference Stage. Among the speakers are the founders of Gezimanya Murat Özbilgi and Tuğçe Yılmaz Özbilgi, Founders of Biz Evde Yokuz Duygu & Bilgehan Çelik, The Youngest Turk To Set Foot On All Seven Continents Barkın Özdemir, Producer and Communication Consultant Elif Dağdeviren, New Media, Influencer Marketing and Social Media Consultant Cem Karakuş, Expert Dietician Dilara Koçak and President of Professional Travel Bloggers Association (PTBA) Janicke Hansen.

Details of the striking panel discussions that will leave a mark on Emitt 2019 can be found at www.emittistanbul.com

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