03 January Thursday

The world champions were awarded by Mayor Uysal

The athletes of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club which is taking a leading part of Turkish sports, continue to collect medals for Turkey in the international arena.

Mayor Mevlüt Uysal awarded the medal winners in various branches together with Metehan Başar and Cengiz Arslan, national athletes of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club,  who have won world championship gold medals in 2018.  The award distribution ceremony was held at the Saraçhane district building of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.  

Mayor Uysal has awarded Istanbul BBSK athletes who won gold, silver and bronze medals in wrestling, karate, judo, archery, disabled arm wrestling and arm wrestling in the World and European Championships, which was held after August 2018. Mr. Celalettin Deniztoker, the President of the İBBSK, club managers, coaches, and athletes attended the award ceremony.

Mayor Uysal, “I congratulate our athletes and their coaches who brought honor to our country. Turkey has won a total of 6 medals in wrestling at the World Championships in 2018, 3 of which were earned by the İBBSK Wrestling team.
In addition, the wrestling club ranks first in the senior age category in Turkey Championship in 2018. The team earned 4 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 6 bronze medals, ranking first among all participants, nationwide. I would like to congratulate them all and wish them luck in the coming rounds.”

IBBSK Won 971 Gold Medals

Mayor Uysal continued, “ We, as the local government have very serious activities for sports, sportsmen, and youngsters in Istanbul. The İBBSK Wrestling Club has been one of the most prominent wrestling clubs in Turkey for many years. We have the most licensed club athletes in the world. Our club has received a total of 3,820 medals since its foundation. Of these, 971 are gold, 985 are silver and 1251 are bronze medals. That's the main thing, that's why we are proud of our club.”

This year’s medal winners have been announced by Mayor Uysal

The winners have been announced and the prizes have been awarded by Mayor Mevlüt Uysal. The list of athletes awarded by mayor Uysal with various gifts is as follows:

WRESTLING: Metehan BAŞAR, 2018 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, (October 2018)

Cengiz ARSLAN, Wrestling Greco-Roman- Senior U23 World Champion (2018 November, Romania)

KARATE: Serap ÖZÇELİK; Karate Seniors World 2nd place (2018 November, Spain)
Ali SOFUOGLU; Karate Seniors World 3rd (2018 November, Spain)
Uğur AKTAŞ; Karate Seniors World 3rd (2018 November, Spain)
Alparslan Yamanoğlu, 3rd in Karate Seniors World (2018 November, Spain)


Uğur AKTAŞ, Alparslan YAMANOĞLU, Burak UYGUR, Erman ELTEMUR, Rıdvan KAPTAN and Samed GÖK (Men Kumite Teams World 2nd)
Gizem SOFUOĞLU (Women Kata Teams 3rd in the World)

JUDO: Vedat ALBAYRAK, Judo Seniors 3rd in the World (2018 September, Baku)

ARCHERY: Yeşim BOSTAN, Archery Roller Spring Europe 2nd place (September 2018, Poland)


Ümit BURUNLULAR, Physically Disabled World Champion - Right and Left Arm (October 2018, Antalya)
Gökhan SEVEN, Physically Disabled World Champion - Right and Left Arm (2018 October, Antalya)
Zeynep YILMAZ, Physically Disabled World Champion - Left Arm (2018 October, Antalya) 3rd Hand of the Physically Disabled World (2018 October, Antalya)
Celali BULUT, 3rd in the World for the Physically Disabled - Left Arm (October 2018, Antalya)


Engin TERZİ, World Champion, Right and Left Arm (October 2018, Antalya)
Burak GUNAYDIN, Third in the World, Right Arm (October 2018, Antalya)
Sait Erkam BIYIKOĞLU, 21 Age Category 3rd in the World - Left Arm (2018 October, Antalya)

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