25 December Tuesday

Tons of medical waste in Istanbul turns into energy

About 23.000 tons of medical waste were collected in Istanbul in the first 10 months of 2018.

Wastes were disposed after the sterilization process at the Medical Waste Incineration plant and those that were not suitable for incineration were sterilized at the world's largest Medical Waste Sterilization Facility in Kemerburgaz. The electricity needs of the plants are met by the energy obtained from the combustion process.

The medical waste of a total of 316 hospitals with over 20 beds and 9,884 medical centers under 20 beds are being collected by 157 trained personnel in İstanbul. About 50 specially designed vehicles are used in the collection process. Facilities producing medical waste in Istanbul inform the Directorate of Waste Management of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and then they sign a contract afterward. Then, İSTAÇ, a subsidiary of the IMM collects regularly these medical wastes from different points within city limits of Istanbul. 

Last year, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) recycled 700 million tons of garbage and produced 400 million kilowatt-hours of energy. Garbage that is regularly collected from 39 districts of Istanbul is brought to IMM's garbage collection site and they are sorted according to their materials. Once the garbage is sorted out they are either turned into energy or recycled for raw materials.

By producing 400 million kilowatt-hours of energy from garbage gas last year, the İBB contributed TL 250 million ($48.25 million) to the national economy. With the energy that is produced from garbage, Tesla's acclaimed electric car known as Roadster can travel around the world six times.

22,672 tons of medical waste were collected in ten months

Medical waste is collected regularly from around 10.000 different points in Istanbul. İSTAÇ eliminates in the sites approximately 22.672 tons of medical waste, collecting them by their special vehicles. The collection is made by latest technology equipment and special garments; the vehicles are washed out and sterilized regularly after each duty.

Sterilization of Medical Waste

With the capacity of 40.000 tons/year, the largest medical waste sterilization site is established in Turkey. The site is one of the modern medical waste sterilization sites with its latest technology fully automatic conveyor systems and remote viewing and intervention systems in a closed area of 3000 m2. It has been designed in a capacity of delivering the medical waste needs of Istanbul for the next 30 years.

Incineration of Medical Waste

The incineration site established in 1995 for the elimination of medical waste by burning them serves for Istanbul with an important mission of protecting the environment, as the only and the first in its area. Wastes with higher disease speeding risk such as infectious and pathological wastes are eliminated by incineration instead of sterilization.

How to produce energy from garbage?

Garbage collected by the district municipalities of Istanbul are brought to recycling facilities and sorted out according to the material. The garbage that is going to be used for energy production is buried under the earth and the garbage starts to decay. Once the garbage begins to decay, coal gas starts are produced. The gas then is carried through pipes that are installed underground and turned into motion energy with motors. The alternators that are inside the motors then turned the energy into electricity.

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