24 December Monday

IMM AKOM warns!

According to the information received from the General Directorate of Meteorology in the northern districts of the storm with strong (20-35kg / m2) effective in the rainfall, the hours of noon to spread around the province is expected to be effective until the evening hours.

It is estimated that with the effect of cold weather, the air temperatures will decrease significantly (0 to 4 degrees), and temperatures will be below the seasonal norms until the new week.

In Istanbul, today and on Tuesday the weather temperatures are expected to drop below zero, especially in the night and early morning. Be careful and cautious about the possible negativity in traffic due to icing and frost. In line with the meteorological warning, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took measures against the possible negative events. The IMM Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) continues its efforts to ensure that all citizens do not suffer from weather conditions according to meteorological estimates. Fire Department, Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination, Support Services, Rail Systems, Municipal Police, Food and Livestock, Health Department, 153 White Desk and other related directorates such as İETT, İSKİ, İGDAŞ, İSTAÇ, İSFALT and Metro İstanbul representatives are in charge at AKOM.

147 Blade Tractor will be given to the Service of Villages 

During the meeting, the winter months were discussed. Providing information on the preparations for winter at the Department of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, a total of 1357 vehicles and construction machinery with 7083 staff in three shifts will be taken part in the struggle for winter. 300 pieces of saltbox will be placed again in critical locations. In Istanbul, a total of 7 thousand 373 km in the network, including the mainstream of the 399 intervention points, 399 intervention points were recorded. To be used in the village roads 147 car snow plow equipped with chauffeured tractors will be given to the village mukhtars. It will support 6 snow-covered cabins and, if necessary, with snow plow works at the airport. The IMM teams will add vehicles to the Highways teams when necessary.

48 Rescue Remover 24 Hours

In order to intervene in the traffic that is closed due to vehicle accidents and shifts, 48 attractive cranes will be kept ready for 24 hours at critical points of Anatolian and European sides. In order to prevent any problems on the Metrobus route, 31 barracks combat vehicle will serve.
60 critical points will be followed by the BEUS (Ice Early Warning System). Additional measures were taken for the 15 BEUS system and traffic control cameras for Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the ring roads. Salt bags (10 thousand tons) will be left to critical points and intersections throughout Istanbul.

Citizens can call 153 White Desk and Fire Department 110 for notice against possible problems due to weather conditions.


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