05 December Wednesday

Istanbul City Council Introduced the City in Japan

The members of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Council, composed of AK Party and the Republican People's Party (CHP) members made a series of visits to Japan. The members of Municipality Council, who had high-level contacts in cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Shimonoseki said that they expect more tourists to come and visit Istanbul next year.

As part of the program organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Foreign Relations, the members of Istanbul Municipal Council paid a visit to Japan between 22 - 28 November 2018 and they also visited the Governorate of Tokyo, Kyoto Municipality and Shimonoseki Municipality.

The IMM’s delegation composed of Ömer Şahan, (AK) Party's group spokesman; Sedat Demirtaş, (AK) Party's Group Secretary; Solmaz Kıran Çinkil, member of board; Burhan Şentürk, (AK) Party's, Assembly Member; Tarık Balyalı, group spokesman of the Republican People's Party;Handan Kantar, Group Secretary of the Republican People's Party; Mesut Kösedağı, member of board took place in the delegation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Council.

We expect more tourists from Japan

At the meetings held in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Shimonoseki, Ömer Şahan, the chairman of the delegation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Council gave detailed information about the July 15 coup attempt, countermeasures in the fight against FETÖ and the invasion of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality building. He reminded that 2003 was celebrated as "Turkey Year in Japan", and 2010 as "Japan Year in Turkey". He added that preliminary works have started for the celebration of 2019 as “Turkey Year in Japan” he said, “We expect more tourists from Japan, which depends on our efforts” Şahan added.

Cooperation between Kyoto and Istanbul to be increased

The IMM’s Delegation firstly visited Mr. Kazuhiro Terada, the head of the Kyoto City Council and the members of Assembly. Ömer Şahan expressed his desire to further develop the relations between Kyoto and Istanbul. On the other hand, Mr. Terada said that they would work more to increase cooperation between Istanbul and Kyoto, particularly in the cultural sphere.

Strong Relations with Siter-City Shimonoseki to be continued

The IMM’s delegation paid a visit to Mr. Shintaro Maeda, the mayor of Shimonoseki and Akio Tozawa, the President of City Council.

It was expressed that the relations between the two cities have been increasing especially in the light of the sister city agreement signed by Istanbul with Shimonoseki and the two cities can further excel cooperation in areas of mutual concern.

Shimonoseki and Istanbul have been sister cities since 1972. In order to celebrate 30 years of good relations, a Japanese botanical garden was built in Baltalimanı in 2003. Last year, a delegation from the Metropolitan Municipality had visited Orhan Suyolcu Park, where erguvan trees and tulip bulbs were planted every year to celebrate the 45th anniversary of its sister city relationship.

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