21 November Wednesday

A New Municipal Swimming Pool Opens in Sultangazi

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues to build sports facilities all over the city. This new facility in Sultangazi will serve 7 days a week just like the other sports facilities and complexes.

After the construction works and landscaping were completed and the necessary controls were carried out "The 75. Year Swimming Pool", which was built on an area of 4 thousand 653 square meters in the 75th Year Quarter, opened.

The facility includes a semi-Olympic swimming pool, fitness rooms for men and women, a studio gym, a cafeteria, and a parking lot for 36 cars. Visitors, in addition to swimming, can join fitness, pilates, gymnastics, step-aerobics classes. Those who wish to benefit from the facility, after online pre-registering at www.spor.istanbul, should go to the facility in 75. Yıl Neighborhood on 1323th Street and register themselves. 

The 75th Year Swimming Pool is the third swimming pool in Sultangazi and also expected to meet the needs of the people of Gaziosmanpaşa in addition to the residents of Sultangazi. The aim is to provide 225 thousand people/session services per month in the facility.

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