15 November Thursday

İSKİ Investments will increasingly continue in 2019

The General Assembly of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has accepted the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget of the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Adminstration (İSKİ), which has 8,5 Billion TL.

The Council of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, as the General Board of İSKİ has accepted the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget of the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ), which has 8,5 Billion TL.

Dr. Fatih Turan, the General Manager stated that they have allocated 3 billion 745 million TL of the budget for the investments. Dr. Turan, “we prefer to use the locally produced machinery, equipment, and products to purchase for our business,” he said.

The 2019 Budget of ISKI General Directorate was discussed by the Municipal Assembly of Istanbul at its third session of November meetings. Fatih Turan who presented the budget to the Municipal Assembly for approval said that they offered quality and uninterrupted drinking-water supply for the people. He said, “the results of the water analysis that we do regularly indicate that water flowing in the taps in İstanbul is well above the standards identified by the European Community (EC), World Health Organization (WHO), USA Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) in terms of quality, taste, and health. The total dams' storage levels in Istanbul have now 47 percent level on average. We meet the water demand of the city by bringing water from dams in the city, Istranca, and Melen. Our average daily water consumption is 2 million 880 thousand m³ of water is consumed in İstanbul in a day. We have a capacity of 411 million cubic meters. We try to increase the taste and odor satisfaction of tap water by not supplying drinking water to the people of Istanbul for 24/7. We will supply a 15 percent discount on water bills" he added.

He added that they took the necessary measures considering the worst scenarios related to global climate changes by calculating the water demand that the city would need for the future. Turan noted that the budget of 2019 was 8 billion 501 million 502 thousand TL and 44 percent of this figure corresponding to 3 billion 745 million 655 thousand TL was allocated to the investment for the next year.

Fatih Turan stated that, to date, they have expropriated 92% of the absolute protected areas in order to protect the water basins from illegal constructions and to maintain ecological diversity, thus, they planted a total of 765 thousand trees in the water basins alone.

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