15 November Thursday


According to the figures of the International Association of Public Transporters (UITP) Observatory of Automated Metros, trains of M5 line of Istanbul have the highest capacity in Europe and the third highest capacity in the world.

The International Association of Public Transporters (UITP) compared fully automated metro trains that can carry more than 500 passengers at one time. According to the results, M5 (the second metro line of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on the Anatolian side of the city) is the first with 1,620 passenger capacity in Europe ahead of the driverless metro trains of Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. With the addition of the second phase, the average number of daily passengers increased from 90,0000 to 200,000. Turkey's first driverless metro line M5 has 21 six-car trains. 1,620 passengers can be transported in each train at once. After the opening of its second phase on October 21, the M5 metro line carried a total of 2 million 424 thousand 561 passengers in 25 days.

Ahead of Rome, Paris, and Barcelona

According to the UITB's research including all fully automated metros on the globe, M5 of Istanbul with a capacity of 1,620 passengers is the first in Europe leaving the metros of Paris (722), Barcelona (895) and Rome (1,200) behind. Worldwide, the M5 ranks third after the trains of the Circle line and North West line in Singapore.

About UITB

Found in 1885 as a nongovernmental association UITP is known for its research and communication activities around the world for the development of sustainable public transport. Brussel based association has in Dubai, Moskow, Istanbul, Rome, Sao Paulo, Ivory Coast, Bangalore, Hong Kong, and Canberra.

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