01 November Thursday

DVCL to be held in Istanbul

5th edition of Deaf Volleyball Champions League Europe organized with the support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will be held in Istanbul between 7-10 November 2018.

A total of 13 teams from 6 countries, consisting of 200 hearing-impaired athletes will compete in the tournament along with Turkey.

A total of six countries including Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, France, Czech, and Poland. The tournament will be held in collaboration with the IMM, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Turkey Federation of the Deaf and Mute will be played in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's sports facilities.

for 5. DVCL in Istanbul

Men :

1) Kmao-Ugra / Russia
2) Stade Parisien Sourd / France 
3) CSSM Montpellier / France
4) MKSN Mazowsze Warszawa/ Polska
5) Kiev / Ukraine
6) Manavgat BLD Isitime Engelliler Sports Club / Turkey 
7) SK Olympia Praha SPS / Czech
8) Novosibirsk / Russia

Woman :

1) Kaluga / Russia
2) Istanbul Sessizler Sports Club / Turkey 
3) CSSM Paris / France
4) Kiev / Ukraine 
5) Athens Athletic Association of the Deaf / Greece
6) Novosibirsk / Russia

All matches are free of charge to attend.

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