26 October Friday

Digitalization of Municipal Services Reduces the Costs by Half - Mayor Uysal

Speaking at the Digital Urbanism Summit Mayor Uysal said that smart city technologies and systems will be referred to as a major turning point in the future, such as the Industrial Revolution. "Digitalization investments can be seen costly, but in fact, it is a profitable investment with the savings it provides over time," he addressed.

Mayor of Istanbul Mevlüt Uysal attended the Digital Urbanism Summit organized by Turkuaz Media and spoke at the panel titled "True Success Stories in Digital Urbanism." In his speech, Uysal emphasized the importance of digitalization in municipal services in order to provide a more comfortable and environment for citizens.

Uysal said that he sees digitalization as a turning point for the future. "The municipality is an institution that reaches every person via many various services. If there is going to be a transformation in the cities, the biggest task falls to the municipalities. Even Istanbul, a city which has been a capital for 1500 years, would lose its value without developing in terms of digitalization," he added.

Uysal said that as the digital investments increased, cities will become more comfortable. “As the services are digitalized, we see that the smart city process might reduce the population. In the past, it was necessary to work at a certain time and place. Now people can do their jobs wherever they are, and it helps to increase mobility and decrease the migration. That is why the mayors have an important role. With the opportunities offered by smart cities, we can maintain the importance of cities by providing smart services. Thus we offer a more comfortable environment. We have these opportunities and I think we should evaluate them," he told.

"Digitalization investments could be expensive at the beginning but eventually will become efficient in terms of costs. Recently, we put into service Ümraniye-Çekmeköy/Sancaktepe Metro Line, the second phase of the Üsküdar-Ümraniye subway. This line is the first driverless metro line of Turkey. This system provides convenience and speed in transportation. 3 minutes departure time is reduced to 1 and a half minutes with driverless metro. Digitalization investments can be seen as costly, but it is profitable over time. While the cost of the driverless metro is 10 percent higher, the service high as twice. We reduced the traffic density in Istanbul by 17 percent through the smart transportation system investments. These investments are more efficient in terms of time so that people can spend more time in production. This way the economy is supported indirectly. We have reduced the cost by half in the services we have converted into digital," he said on the benefits of digitalization in urbanism, exampling the Istanbul experience.

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