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Istanbul live HD Streaming Webcams Available 24x7 and Free.

Istanbul live HD streaming webcams are available 24/7 and free.

Istanbul has a great collection of live HD Live streaming Istanbul webcams. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has currently 27 free HD webcams in 33 different points of the city for the people to view the city. In the first eight months of the year, 160 thousand 710 people from Germany took a look at the stream from Istanbul’s webcams and see the images taken at sunrise and sunset for stunning views of Istanbul. Those who watch cameras in Sultanahmet, Eminönü, Saraçhane and Eyüp districts can also hear the surrounding sounds.

IMM Electronic Systems Directorate broadcasts the historical, touristic and private places in Istanbul with live cameras with 4K (3840x2160 pixel image quality). These cameras are providing 24/7 uninterrupted service, and whoever interested in Istanbul can access without any restrictions.

Germany Views Istanbul

The most viewers of touristic cameras of Istanbul are from Germany, which is globally accessible. A total of 160,710 people from Germany viewed Istanbul via cameras located 27 different points of the city, while Russia (89,309) and Greece (84,332) (according to 2nd and 3rd the months) have frequently swapped within the viewer ratings, The United States has been ranked the 3rd in September within the first 8 months, it is calculated that 49,235 American people viewed Istanbul.

Ankara Ranked 2nd

People of Ankara have been the most viewers of Istanbul, after the people of Istanbul. To the ratings, Ankara placed the 2nd with a number of 150,858 visitors, while Izmir ranked the 3rd with 95,640 viewers. It is confirmed that the number of people who accessed to touristic cams from Istanbul is 1,017,000.

The most viewed is Anatolian Fortress

Among the cameras which are serving every day and hour of the year, independent of seasonal conditions, the most viewed one was the camera of Anatolian Fortress. Within the first 8 months, with 406,717 views, the Anatolian Fortress ranked 1st and it was followed by the camera of Eminönü with viewers of 111,128. Then the cam of Bağdat Avenue placed the 3rd as a rating of 97,557.

The cameras, which scan previously planned points, can be remotely managed when required, and the technical team is ready to respond 24/7 to prevent any malfunctions. The cams which have been on the air since 2013, served with 33 cameras in 27 locations in Istanbul. Those who view cameras in Sultanahmet, Eminönü, Saraçhane, and Eyüp can also hear the surrounding sounds. The busiest places of Istanbul such as Istiklal Avenue, Sultanahmet, Hidiv Kasri, Beyazit Tower, Sarachane, Bagdat Street consist of double cameras, while the other historical places in Istanbul serves with a single camera.

Where are the 27 Cams in Istanbul?

The locations of the cameras serving at 27 points of Istanbul are as follows: Anadolu Hisarı, Bağdat Caddesi (2 Units), Beyazıt Tower (2 Units), Beyazıt Square, Büyük Çamlıca, Dragos, Eminönü, Emirgan, Eyüp Sultan, Galata Tower, Hıdiv Pavilion (2 Units), İstiklal Street (2 Units), Kadıköy , Grand Bazaar, Karakoy, Maiden's Tower, Little Çamlica, Metrohan, Spice Bazaar, Miniaturk, Pierre Loti, Salacak, Saraçhane (2 Units), Basketmakers' Kiosk, Sultanahmet (2 Units), Taksim, Ulus Park.

How to Access Historical Cameras

It is possible to reach the tourist cameras at any time of the day. It is possible to access cameras via your mobile phone or a computer with the Internet through the websites of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

- http://www.istanbuluseyret.com/turistikkameralar/
- http://tks.ibb.gov.tr/mobile/mobile.php
- http://ibbtube.istanbul/turistik-kameralar/turistik-kameralar/
- https://www.ibb.istanbul/SitePage/Index/178

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