12 October Friday

Mayor Uysal: We Take Pride in the Works of Water Supply

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Istanbul Water Congress and Fair (WATERIST), Mr. Mevlüt Uysal, the mayor of Istanbul said: “At one time, we had no running water from the taps in the city. Now, we have solved the water-scarcity problem for at least 50 years with the intensive work carried out by “Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration” (İSKİ) and of course that makes us proud as well. It is not enough the efforts of cities and countries by themselves for solving water problem in the global world. In particular, cities, countries, scientists and even public have to cooperate on the issues of drinking water and environmental cleanup.”

Mevlüt Uysal, the mayor of Istanbul; Vasip Şahin, the governor of Istanbul; Dr. Helmut Kross, President, The International Water Association – Austria; Hayri Baraçlı, General Secretary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Fatih Duran, General Director of Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) and as well as a large number of local and foreign invitees attended the ceremony. At the opening speech, Fatih Turan made a presentation about the future of water, increased investments in water, sanitation systems and hygiene.

The Istanbul Water Congress and Fair welcome all institutions and organization which are related to water. The Istanbul Water Congress and Fair will be held at Haliç Congress Center in 11 - 13 October 2018 and included more than 8 thousand participants from 22 different countries and from 32 cities of Turkey so far. The subsidiaries of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and a large number of institutions and private companies set up promotional tables in the Fair. Within the scope of the Congress, 5 main issues will be covered; which are Water Management and Treatment Technologies, Wastewater Treatment and Reutilization, Trenchless Technologies and Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Sludge Management, Water Industry and 4.0. 

Leading high technologies and applications will be discussed interactively with all the stakeholders of the water sector at the Congress, while products and services will be exhibited in the Fair Area.

Istanbul Directs the Future of Drinking Water in the World

Mayor Uysal stated that the water scarcity in Istanbul has been solved with the investments made in recent years. We have always been pioneers in water-related studies and operations. We are proud of ISKI that solved all water-related problems and made investments. At one time, we had no running water from the taps in the city. Now, we have solved the water-scarcity problem for at least 50 years with the intensive work of ISKI and of course that makes us proud as well. In that sense, I think it is important to gather here for a three-day meeting.

Global Cooperation Needed for the Future of Healthy Water 

Drawing attention to global cooperation for the future of water, mayor Uysal said, "The main topics to be discussed in this three-day congress will be reaching the clean water sources, bringing the clean water to city, using the wastewater as a source of purification and as a resource, protection from floods, new technology development in the field, cooperation on regional and global levels. Answers will be searched for questions such as 'how alternative water sources can be used since the water resources are decreasing due to global warming' and 'is ıt possible to use the seawater effectively as a drinking water resource'. I believe this conference will expand the horizon of city administrators and contribute to the literature. We would like to see new and useful common ideas and studies on water. In the past, the work of a country or a city alone could be sufficient, but in a highly globalized world, it seems no longer to be possible. Especially in terms of drinking water and environmental remediation, administrations have to cooperate with the public and scientists to overcome the obstacles. If we solve problems on a global scale, not just regionally, we will prevent it from affecting us in the future. Even though global warming and environmental pollution are on the other side of the world, they will eventually affect us." 

Knowing the Value of Clean Water 

"Wastewater treatment is a significant cost. However, avoiding this cost will lead to a much more severe cost by the pollution of seas, environment and water resources. We know this well because we have some bad experiences about it. The Golden Horn almost died and the cost to clean has been ten times more. If we don't do what is necessary for the environment in a timely manner, we might be crushed under the much higher costs. International cooperations with a global approach will make a great contribution to the cities of the world," Uysal said on pollution prevention. 

At the end of the ceremony, Istanbul Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, and İSKİ General Manager Fatih Turan presented a plaque to the sponsors. After a commemorative photo was taken, the opening ribbon was cut off. The mayor also visited the companies that opened stands and examined the model of 1,90-meter diameter sewer tunnel and received information about it.

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