10 October Wednesday

Mayor Uysal: “No Water Shortage in Istanbul Within 50 Years”

Mevlüt Uysal, the mayor of Istanbul said that the world water vision will be discussed at the Istanbul Water Congress and Fair (WATERIST). “Istanbul has been a city where a long history of water struggle has taken place throughout its history. Nowadays, Istanbul is the city that found the best solutions of water scarcity and it will not face water shortage within next 50 years,” he said.

Mayor Uysal promoted the Istanbul Water Congress and Fair organized under the auspices of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ). The Istanbul Water Congress and Fair will be held at Haliç Congress Center in 11 - 13 October 2018. and will include more than 8 thousand participants from 22 different countries and will be an important step for the management of water resources.

The Istanbul Water Congress and Fair welcome all institutions and organization which are related to water.

Increasing population and climate change bring many problems together that negatively affects city life. Water scarcity is one of these problems. Long-run estimations show that good management and sustainability of water resources is an inevitable necessity for human life. To discuss the future of our water and to handle sustainable and economic development, we will meet up at the Halic Congress Center on 11-13 October 2018 in Istanbul Water Congress and Fair.

Within the scope of the Congress, 5 main issues will be covered; which are Water Management and Treatment Technologies, Wastewater Treatment and Reutilization, Trenchless Technologies and Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Sludge Management, Water Industry and 4.0. Leading high technologies and applications will be discussed interactively with all the stakeholders of the water sector at the Congress, while products and services will be on exhibition in the Fair Area. In addition, water structures will be discussed in terms of culture, architecture, and history under the theme "Historical Water Structures" selected as the main theme for parallel academic sessions to be organized during the Congress.

In addition, at the İSTSU - Istanbul Water Congress and Fair, historical water structures were decided as the theme of academic sessions. During the sessions, the historical water structures will be discussed as a national, cultural and architectural wealth. Professionals and academics will contribute to the literature by discussing the problems faced and the future roles of water institutions will be examined. In that context, the vision of ISKI will also be conveyed to the participants.

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