09 October Tuesday

Mayor Mevlüt Uysal: “All Invited to the Marathon with Family Members”

The introductory meeting of Vodafone 40th Istanbul Marathon, which is the only marathon run over two continents was held at Sepetçiler Pavilion. Speaking at the meeting Istanbul Mayor Mevlüt Uysal said, “this is the slogan for this year is "Run Towards a Healthier Future Istanbul".

The Vodafone 40th Istanbul Marathon is going to be held on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018, with the theme "Run Towards a Healthier Future Istanbul " under the sponsorship of Vodafone by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Sport Istanbul Co. 

Mayor Uysal, the mayor of Istanbul invited all of the Istanbulities to participate in the Vodafone 40th Istanbul Marathon and said, “this is the slogan for this year is "Run Towards a Healthier Future Istanbul". I invite everyone to run from one continent to another on November 11th, 2018.” During the meeting, Mr. Colman Deegan delivered his speech in Turkish and then Uysal thanked him, for making his invitation this year in Turkish.

Mevlüt Uysal, the Mayor of Istanbul; Abdülhalim Aksu, the Minister of Youth and Sports; Mr. Abdulhalim Aksu, General Manager of İBB Spor İstanbul; Cemil Boz, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports; Fatih Çintimar, the President of Turkish Athletics Federation and Colman Deegan, the Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Telekomunikasyon Co. participate in the publicity meeting held at Sepetçiler Pavilion today.

The Objective Making Sport Accessible for Everyone

Mayor Uysal noted that this marathon which carries an important role in the promotion of Istanbul as being its cultural, economic and financial center. Also, we want people to participate in our marathon for making sport accessible for everyone. Mayor said, “It is a useful way to make sure everyone can take part in this event. A total of 30,000 professional runners were registered for the marathon (42,195 km), 10-km race, 15-km race, and 42 km race so far. We invite for all of the Istanbulities to join us with their family and children for the public race with an 8-km long” he added.

"A total number of 3500 foreign elite athletes from 100 countries and about 25,000 runners will attend the competition. Apart from that, around 100,000 people will join the public run. This is a serious number and an indication of an increasing interest in the Istanbul Vodafone Marathon," said Abdülhalim Aksu, the Minister of Youth and Sports.

Fatih Çintimar, the President of the Turkish Athletics Federation underlined the Istanbul's reach history and geography, Çintimar claimed that the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon is one of the most important sports organizations of Turkey. “We are so happy to be a part of this event and really so pleased that we are able to host this marathon” he added.

Deegan: We will Run for Healthier Future in the Marathon

During the meeting, Mr. Colman Deegan delivered his speech in Turkish and he said: “Yes, we care about the healthy lifestyle. We are going to run for a healthier future in the marathon. We celebrate the Vodafone 40th Istanbul Marathon and the sport of running. We invite everyone to join the marathon on the morning of November 11th, 2018. Do something little for yourself and your health. We look forward to participating in this great event every year. We hope to see all Istanbulities there,” added.

Following the speeches delivered, the mayor Uysal and participants took souvenir photographs with the running numbers used to identify the runners. Mr.Uysal posed for the marathon with a running number of 34.

The Vodafone Istanbul Marathon, which has been held uninterruptedly since 1979 and is known as the first race to be run between continents, will be held in four different categories: The marathon (42,195 kilometers), 15-kilometer race, 10-kilometer race, and public race. Thirty-thousand athletes with bib numbers are expected to participate in the marathon, which was deemed worthy of the Golden Category in 2012 by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and is considered as one of the best 11 marathons in Europe and 22 in the world. The number of runners with bib numbers who have participated in the marathon has increased fourfold since 2011 under the sponsorship of Vodafone.

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