05 October Friday

Mayor Uysal: Mosques are one of the most visual expressions of our civilization and Istanbul

Mevlüt Uysal, the mayor of Istanbul congratulated the annual Mosques and Religious Officials Week of 2018 organized by the Office of the President of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) He said: “religious officials are the guide of our city working with enthusiasm and sacrifice to provide religious services to our people. We should protect our mosques and religious institutions. In this context, we provide the cleaning, maintenance and security services for all the grand historical mosques in Istanbul.”

Mayor Uysal noted that mosques and religious officials have a very important place in our society. He said: "Religious officials" are the spiritual guide of our people. Salaat and Adhan ( call to prayer) echoed from the minarets of mosques on July 15 clearly revealed the importance of mosques. Mosques are places for social gatherings, education, and community services. We should preserve our mosques and religious institutions regularly. Cleaning and maintenance services are provided for 42 mosques, including the grand historical mosques of the city.”

24/7 Security and Attentive Cleaning Service at Mosques

The cleaning staff of the IMM conducts the cleaning work of every point from the mosque carpets to the yard. Security personnel is keeping the mosques under control and protection 24 hours a day. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provides free use of the toilets at grand historical mosques in Istanbul. All mosques have free public toilets. Cleaning personnel provide and maintain a clean, safe and disinfected environment across the mosques.

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