04 October Thursday

"Let's Keep the Sea Clean" Seminars to Reach 10 Thousand Students

The Department of Environmental Protection and Development has started a new seminar program for students to raise their awareness about sea cleaning. The first of year-round seminars was held in Şile with 500 students. At the end of the school year, a total of 10 thousand students will have attended the seminars.

Mayor of Istanbul Mevlut Uysal had said, "İstanbul, Bursa and Kocaeli Municipalities are currently checking the ships passing through the Sea of Marmara with airplanes. We should increase the number of flights, apply deterrent sanctions, and tighten controls" in the First Ordinary Assembly Meeting of the Union of Municipalities of Marmara Region in 2018. The municipal authorities, who act in accordance with the Mayor's words, continue their marine cleanup activities every day. Also, the seminar program started earlier than last year with the instructions of the mayor who wanted to double the number of participants. In coordination with the Provincial Directorate for National Education, the Department of Environmental Protection and Development organized the first training seminar of the 2018-2019 school year with 500 secondary school students in Şile. In the seminar under "I Love Blue, I Protect the Sea" slogan, the causes and consequences of marine pollution were explained and the individual responsibilities were told. 

Cleaning the Sea Surface, Coast, and Beaches
Students have also been informed about the marine cleanup process. By coastal and beach cleanup carried out along with the sea surface, 140 trucks of garbage have been collected from sea surface in 2018 and sent to the recycling centers of İSTAÇ to generate electricity. The amount of electricity obtained from the gas is sufficient to meet the needs of 300 thousand households a day. With stunning visuals and photographs, students have seen how marine life and sea creatures are affected by pollution. They were amazed at the difference between the old and the new state of the Golden Horn. After the seminar, the students visited the exhibition where the different types of waste collected from the sea were on display. 

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