04 October Thursday

CRR Concert Hall Opens Door with Two BIG Surprises

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 2018-2019 Culture and Art Season was opened with a ceremony attended by Mayor Mevlüt Uysal and famous figures from the culture and arts community. The opening programme of Culture and art activities for 2018-2019 was held at Istanbul's Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall (CRR) on October 1st, 2018.

Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall is opening its doors with “the Chromatic Concerto” for the Piano and orchestra today. 

On March 12, 1933, Paris Symphony Orchestra performed the Chromatic Concerto for the Piano and orchestra, which was written in 1932 under the direction of Dimitri Mitropulos with the solo of Cemal Reşit Rey. The first part of the work was later published by Universal Edition in Vienna under the name Color(Forbenspiel). Parts of the work are Allegro, Adagio, and Scherzo.

"Chromatic Concerto" will be performed for the first time by the composer’s student Aydin Karlıbel in Turkey. In addition, the notation of Cemal Reşit Rey's works written in his own handwriting will be shared with the music lovers for the first time.

CRR Symphony Orchestra will perform the concert titled, “Selections From Musical Works of CRR” under the direction of a conductor of Can Okan.

The concert starts at 20.00

Hand-written Musical Notes Written by CRR Found

The rearrangement of the archive of CRR Concert Hall has been started with support from professional musicians under the direction of the General Art Directorate. In the light of careful research, hand-written musical notes written by Cemal Reşit Rey were found in his private collection.

CRR General Art Directorate, which has a proper pride reacquiring this incredible legacy to the world of music and art has included these works in the concert called “Selections From Musical Works of CRR”.

These originals works, which are only available in CRR Concert Hall Archive will be exhibited at the entrance of CRR today.

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