10 September Monday

More than 2500 athletes from 25 countries gathered in WATERFEST in Istanbul…

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Spor Istanbul has organized the city's biggest water sports festival at Maltepe Orhangazi Şehir Parkı last weekend.

The 4th Istanbul International Water Sports Festival came to an end yesterday. 

A total of more than 2500 athletes from 25 countries participated in the International Istanbul Water Sports Festival (WATERFEST) that was held in Maltepe Orhangazi City Park on 8th-9th September, 2018 in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Spor Istanbul, Youth and Sport Directorate and six sports federations. 

The event has taken place in a 40,000 square meter area, hosting professional athletes and some 250,000 sports fans.

The athletes of the event participated in the swimming dragon boat race, water polo, water polo, fly board, sailing, rowing and underwater races. The promotion and the love of water sports were engraineded in the recreational and entertainment areas of the festival on land and sea.

Throughout the two-day event, a total of more than 2500 professional athletes, including 130 international sports figures, competed in events like swimming, dragon boat racing, water polo, flyboarding, sailing, rowing and underwater racing. The best part of the event was that entry to WATERFEST was free. The athletes and fans participating in the event have enjoyed extreme water sports performances, competitions, concerts, live music, and other activities.

Mayor of Istanbul Mevlüt Uysal said this year's format to include foreign countries and teams in the festival was a success.

Mayor Mr. Uysal thanked Youth and Sports Minister Muharrem Kasapoğlu for his support. Kasapoğlu, who watched yesterday's contests, presented the gold medals to the Hungarian national team for winning the water polo competition.

The minister, in his speech, thanked the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for hosting such a festival. He added that support for water sports would eventually spread its popularity and increase the number of athletes.

The aim of the WATERFEST is to help introduce Istanbul to the rest of the world.

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