02 August Thursday

Galatasaray FC's President pays a courtesy visit to Mayor Uysal…

Mr. Mustafa Cengiz, the President of Galatasaray Sports Club ; Mr. Abdurrahim Albayrak, Galatasaray FC's Vice Chairman and Mr. Yusuf Günay, Galatasaray's Vice President paid a courtesy visit to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) today.

Mr. Göksel Gümüşdağ, the First Deputy Mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality also took part in the visit. During his visit, President Cengiz presented a Galatasaray jersey to Mayor Uysal that has "07 Mevlüt Uysal" written on its back.

After the visit held in the Municipality Palace located in Saraçhane, Mayor Mr. Uysal made a statement to journalists where he explained that Mr. Cengiz paid a courtesy to him that he congratulated the Galatasaray Football Team and its body for being champions in the Spor-Toto Super League 2017-2018, during his courtesy visit.

Mayor Uysal said that they discussed the issues that need to be resolved with respect to Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex-Türk Telekom Stadium. He noted: “Our task is to solve the problems of the city of Istanbul. The Galatasaray Football Team has achieved success through unity and solidarity in a season of hardy competition.  I congratulate them and wish them success in the next season.”

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