28 June Thursday

Heavy rainfall and hail hit Istanbul, disrupt transportation...

Heavy rainfall and hail hit Istanbul late Wednesday, flooding some streets and causing disruption to public transportation.

The wind-driven rain especially affected the districts of Esenler, Eyüp, Güngören, Ümraniye, Kartal, Maltepe, Silivri, Beykoz, Tuzla, Sultangazi, Üsküdar, Ataşehir, Bakırköy and Silivri. Some flights were also canceled at Atatürk Airport as freak lightning storms multiplied by the minute.

Drivers had difficulties reaching their destination due to numerous waterholes caused by the heavy rainfall, while Istanbul residents took precautions for any sudden floods, blocking their homes and offices with sandbags.

The Istanbul fire brigade, on the other hand, rushed to the help of those reporting floods all around the city.

The General Directorate of Meteorology previously issued a warning for Tuesday that Istanbul and the northwestern Turkey should expect severe storms and hail, however, the forecast failed for that day.

Insurance agencies also warned Istanbul drivers to park in garages rather than streets in order to avoid any possible damages.

Last July, an unexpected hail storm hit Istanbul, damaging hundreds of thousands of cars and overwhelming insurance agencies with around 150,000 claims.

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