19 June Tuesday

Mayor Uysal : “We will find an approach that does not harm the horse chariot drivers on Istanbul’s Princess' Islands”

Istanbul Mayor Mr. Mevlüt Uysal said that they would find a solution that does not harm the horse chariot drivers on Istanbul’s Princes Islands. Mr. Uysal: “The people of Adalar (Princess Islands) and coachmen can be at ease. We will solve the problem of transportation on the islands. They will not be put in an awkward position.”

Abuse of horses used in carriages popular among tourists in Istanbul's Princes' Islands will come to an end, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced in an Istanbul rally on Sunday. Animal rights activists, who have been campaigning to end the use of horse-drawn carriages citing abuses, welcomed the news.

Activists claim that dozens of horses die every year on the islands due to horse carriage owners forcing them to carry heavy loads without breaks for long hours. They claim that most of the horses brought to the islands are either old or crippled race or utility horses. They propose the use of electric or motor carriages to replace the horses.

President Erdoğan said they took "necessary steps" after seeing "images of abused horses." "We are working to free them from their reins. We will have a very different approach in [amending] Law 5119," he said, referring to a law about animal protection.

Mayor Uysal noted that electric cars would replace the horse-drawn carriages on Istanbul’s Princes’ Islands. “Our Municipality worked on electric vehicle models. Mayor Uysal,on Tuesday said even the test drive was continued successfully in Kınaliada and we will find the best solution for the people of Adalar (Princess Islands) and coachmen in the end.

Electric cars and minibuses, which can carry up to 12 people, will be tested on Kınalida in the upcoming days.

The new method will then be put in practice on another islands that will bring the horses peace and comfort as well.

Mayor continued that the poor condition of horses and badly treated horses in the islands make us very unhappy and all these unpleasant things took place in the islands will be ending soon.

Around 1,500 horses are used for transportation on the Princes’ Islands, where the traffic vehicles are banned. They are particularly popular among day-trippers visiting the islands.

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