20 April Friday

Istanbul to host “Kite Festival” this weekend…

The 6th Istanbul International Kite Festival organized under the auspices of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will be held at the city's Maltepe coast on April 21 and 22, 2018.

Considered one of the world's most important kite festivals, the event will see kites from different regions adorn the Istanbul skies.

It will also host an international kite flying competition, where professional teams from 10 countries including India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Poland, Colombia, Cambodia, Italy, Zambia and Australia will participate in the festival.

The Turkish kite flying team will perform with a 60-square-meter kite that they previously used in Thailand and Malaysia.

The festival will be open to the public and the organizers will distribute a total of 15,000 kites to the participants free of charge.

During the festival, participants will also be able to enjoy live performances and concerts. Those who want to bring out their creative sides will have the opportunity to attend workshops and make their own kites.

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