04 April Wednesday

The 2018 Lale (Tulip) Cup Begins in Istanbul

As part of the 13th edition of the annual Istanbul International Tulip Festival, an international women's tennis tournament, will be held at the Maltepe Orhangazi City Park in Istanbul from April 7th to 14th, 2018.

The 2018 Lale (Tulip) Cup is a professional tennis tournament played on outdoor hard courts.

It is the sixth edition of the tournament and is a part of the 2018 ITF Women's Circuit. It will take place at IMM’s Maltepe Orhangazi City Park in Istanbul on 7th–14th, April 2018.

A total of 60 athletes from 23 countries will compete in the "Istanbul Tulip Cup" which is organized by "Sports Istanbul Co." a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).

The Lale Cup is a tournament for professional female tennis players played on outdoor hard courts. The event is classified as a $60,000 ITF Women's Circuit tournament and has been held in Istanbul, Turkey, annually, since 2013.

All the matches will be free to watch, including the final.

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