04 April Wednesday

Istanbul has ‘World’s 2nd Biggest’ shelter for stray animals..

As part of the 4th April, World Stray Animals Day, the world's second biggest Animal Care Center was opened in Tepeören, Istanbul by Istanbul Mayor Mevlüt Uysal.

The Tepeören Animal Care Center which has an area of 922.500-square-meter area including an Animal Hospital, Vaccination Services, Treatment Units, Nursing Homes and Garden Life Area. 

It has the capacity to house 1,240 stray cats and dogs and will be able to provide for their needs.

The Animal Care Center will provide 24/7 services with 108 personnel including 22 veterinarians in the Animal Care Center. The animal shelter also provides vaccination, sterilization and other services with help from veterinarians.

The center has 350 cat houses, 2 treatment buildings, 8 composite dog shelters, 2 quarantine buildings, 1 feeder store, dog-watching areas and an administrative building. Cattle, dogs and livestock are provided at the Care Center. Treatment of wild animals is also being carried out there.

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