22 February Thursday

IMM's Cooks to Compete for Gold Medals

The cooks employed at the social facilities of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will exhibit their skills for winning the gold medals as part of the 16th International Istanbul Kitchen Days, which is the biggest gastronomy festival and competition in Turkey.

International Istanbul Gastronomy festival which is organized by Cooks and Chefs Federation of Turkey and World Association of Chefs Societies(WACS)
is going to start on 22 – 25 Feb 2018  at Tuyap Convention Center which is located in Beylikduzu district of Istanbul. Organisation which is the biggest gastronomy festival and competition in Turkey, has been performed for 16 years.

Orginasation which is going to happen with the collaboration with WACS, is hosting the gastronomy pioneers in our country at the international level. Intense interest is expected to this festival as much as past years, due to the participation of many important associations and federations around the World. This festival allows to take big steps in the integration of the Turkish cuisine and World cuisine and it is going to introduce the flavours of the World to its followers. Following the past successful organisations, Istanbul Gastronomy Festival gets the title “Continental” which is awarded by WACS, allows young chefs of our country to compete at the international level.

Master chefs from around the World who has the possibility of sightseeing around Istanbul and compete at the same time, is going to be hosted with colourful events. Festival also contributes to our country in terms of tourism, brings new chefs to the culture of Turkish and World gastronomy and it undertakes a bridge role in order to make known of Turkish cuisine around World.

Turkish and World chefs who is going to compete over 75 categories in order to gain medals. Special trainings given to Turkish chefs, they are going to be a jury member at the international level. In recent years, 52 Turkish chefs have qualified to be a jury member. COCFED has a massive contribution to the Turkish gastronomy with this major ongoing festival. COCFED trains intern chefs at World standarts with its new schools and certification programmes around Turkey.

Istanbul Gastronomy Festival which generates a huge presentation point in terms of national and international gastronomy brands located in Turkey, provides an opportunity to brands to introduce theirselves and increase their popularity in the festival area. Brands which participated to this festival in recent years, have gained acceleration at their presentation point. This year, organisation will be happening on a larger and wider area compared to last year and it brings the opportunity of a better presentation for brands.

  • Canlı Destek
  • Beyaz Masa
  • Hava Durumu
  • Trafik
  • Sosyal Tesisler