20 February Tuesday

IMM Restores Books and Submits to Its Readers…

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) restores books, documents and other library materials and prepares them for its readers.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Taksim Atatürk Library restores books, manuscripts, documents, charters, maps, postcards, albums and other library materials to help researchers and students both from abroad and within the country.

The restoration atelier of the Taksim Atatürk Library has restored 618,829 pages so far since the year of 1994.

Besides that, some of the restoration works including a New Atlas (Atlas-ı Cedid), the first atlas published in 1803 in Turkic and Islamic countries, is being repaired in the Atatürk Library workshop.

Among the ongoing restoration works, A book of Ottoman History a rare and antique book that was printed abroad is about a social history of everyday family life in the Ottoman Empire.

Moreover, Byzantine historian Laonicus  Chalcondyles' book on prophecies about the development and destruction of the Ottoman Empire was taken to be rescued while it was about to be damaged.

Atatürk Library gets attention with 500.000 books capacity, tome and restoration atelier, physical archive, conference room, exhibition hall and providing of making photocopy and microfilm and other cultural activities. Atatürk Library has alfabetic subject catalogs (Dewey), dictionary and subject headlined card catalog works. Our library uses Anglo American Cataloging Rules. Besides a functional multiple querying and searching database has been generated. Services of loan books, selling  new or old digital work’s CD to domestic or foreing searchers and making photocopy is possible in our library.

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