12 February Monday

IMM to establish a “ Design Center” in Istanbul…

Istanbul, declared as a “design city” by UNESCO on October 2017, is hosting the the Design Strategy Common Mind Conference, organized under the coordination of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).

The Municipality will organize the "Design City Istanbul" within the context of the “Creative Cities Network.” Istanbul, accepted by UNESCO in the "Design City" network on October 2017, is currently hosting the Design Strategy Common Mind Conference, conducted under the auspices of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Turkey's vision for 2023, the centennial of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey and with the instruction of Mr. Mevlüt Uysal, the mayor of Istanbul,
Mr. Hayri Baraçlı, General Secretary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality stated that they are working to design the future cities that we all could live in. As part of it, they will establish the Istanbul Design Center and especially to support young entrepreneurs and students in their research.

Mr. Hayri Baraçlı, General Secretary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, IMM’s bureaucrats, local and foreign architectural and design experts attended the conference held in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. Speaking at the opening of the conference Mr. Baraçlı said that in the first four years, three main initiatives will be undertaken by The Istanbul Creative City Platform (ICCP), which will be formed after Istanbul is accepted as a member: a "Usta (master, in Turkish) & Designer" program, a "Documentation" program, and the establishment of "Istanbul Design and Innovation Center"(IDIC).

The "Usta (Master) & Designer’’ program is one of those initiatives that the city commits to undertake within the framework of its designation as the UNESCO Design City. The program, that will be coordinated by the Istanbul Creative City Platform (ICCP) aims to bring masters of traditional crafts and designers together and to create opportunities for young people interested in design to experience the master-apprentice relationship, and thus to contribute to the transfer of knowledge.

The aim of the "Documentation" program, on the other hand, is to create an open, comprehensive, and regularly updated inventory of written, audio, and visual work and data related to crafts, modern design, and creative industries in Istanbul.

ICCP will also undertake the establishment of İstanbul Design and Innovation Center’ın (IDIC). The IDIC will be a hub for the Design City programs and stakeholders. It will provide a venue, replete with the necessary technological infrastructure, for engineers and industrial designers to come together in multidisciplinary workgroups to develop projects.

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