12 February Monday

Istanbul Municipal Police help a tourist via Social Media…

Istanbul Municipal Police delivered a lost wallet to an Australian tourist named Adam Andreotta after finding his personal information through social media.

Sultanahmet Tourist squad found the wallet of Adam Andreotta from some far away country Australia while they are on-duty. After examining the wallet and determining that IDs and credit cards inside had belonged to an Australian tourist Mr. Andreotta. Then, the squad communicated with the owner of the wallet through social media and handed it over to the owner at Sultanahmet District of Istanbul.

Mr. Andreotta had a photo with the tourist squads of Municipal Police Department and shared this happy moment from social media account and thanked them all. He wrote: “Massive shout out to these lads for picking up for my dropped wallet and getting into contact with me #istanbul #lucky #seefacebookreallyisuseful”

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